Book a Test Drive

Buying a vehicle is a big deal. Book a test drive and make sure you are picking the perfect vehicle for you. Speak to us about a road test. You can also complete the online test drive booking form and we will call you back to confirm your appointment.

Here are some helpful test drive tips to take into consideration:

  • Remember to take the vehicle out onto the freeway as well as in and around your local town to get a feel for the handling of the vehicle.
  • Be sure to bring along your driver’s licence.
  • Can you get in and out of the vehicle easily?
  • Can you adjust the seat and steering so that you are comfortable?
  • Can you reach all instruments easily and can you see all the controls?
  • Take your child seat along to see if it fits into the back seat with enough space for additional baggage and passengers.
  • Does the boot size suit your everyday needs?

Our sales executives are available if you have any questions, so please ask as much information as you need. We are happy to help.

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